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How To Make Quicksand Mouse Trap Kit Sold On Amazon.

Today for Mousetrap Monday we're gonna test out a new mousetrap kit available on Amazon that's directly related to a video I recently posted about the quicksand mousetrap. That video's been really popular. It's received over a million views in the last week. It didn't take long-- a few days-- and someone came up with a kit you can purchase all-in-one, all you have to do is add water. It comes with a bucket, perlite, bait, a ramp. 

Now let's open up this box and see what it looks like. So here's what you're gonna receive in your quicksand mousetrap kit, you have a jar here It looks like it's about gallon size you take off the lid We have a package of perlite A ramp Some bait and instructions The instructions are pretty helpful in setting up this trap. It says there's a red line there That's what you fill the water level to, take off the lid and fill it with water We filled our jar to the red line now the instructions say to add the perlite, it says add a liberal amount you want to Add enough that it looks solid and the mice will jump on to it, so let's open up the package and put in the perlite Dusty This Rhine Corp quicksand mouse trap also comes with a plastic ramp is pretty easy to put together because they Color-coordinated it where it fits together two red dots two white dots There's a red dot there White dot This plastic ramp has grooves it will be easy for the mice to come up to go up like this be like a little diving board want to get the bait jump inside sink to the bottom Now last part of this kit is the bait this mix is pretty interesting it almost looks like dog food or cat food Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, wheat, corn, pellets; mice are gonna love this stuff You don't put the bait on till the very end so let's go set this up And then we'll put the bait set up the motion cameras see if we can get some wild mice in the quicksand mousetrap kit To help encourage the mice to go up the ramp. I have a little peanut butter I'll just add here, and then we pour the bait right on top. That's the last step That's gonna be really enticing to the mice. 

Let's see if it works It's now the next morning and I came to check on the trap there are some interesting results Now there's no mice in here. We didn't catch any mice, but that is user error I reviewed the motion camera footage and what happened is mice came up here, jumped down But the perlite offered too much resistance. This is clearly too much perlite They can walk on it and jump back out the water looks pretty gross. It's a greenish color I'm gonna dump all that out take out the perlite put on some sunflower seeds Reset this and I'm sure tonight, it will work Time to set up for round two I put the water lower than that red line Just going to do a handful of perlite here. Just enough to make that bait float I'm going to use sunflower seeds as the only bait That should be enough and then I'll put the sunflower seeds Right on top. That's going to act much more like a quicksand mousetrap than jumping on a water bed and getting out It's now the next morning I went to go check on our quicksand mousetrap kit And there are two mice in this trap, so it works well. You'll notice the water levels below where I set it the night before That's because when I went to go check on it before bed We had already caught one Mouse, but a rat was stealing a lot of bait I lowered the water level hoping maybe we could get a rat We didn't. 

But another mouse came in smelled that bait Jumped down there. So the water level is not important as long as it's below that red line And make sure you have only a thin layer of pearlite if it's too thick the mice can jump out of it Just enough perlite to hold on your bait I like the sunflower seeds This trap worked really well a lot of people want to see the footage of the trap in action I can't show that in this video with YouTube's restrictions They're really cracking down on advertiser friendly policy, so if you see the previous vĂ­deo I posted There's going to be a link where you can see more action footage of this trap if you want to see that Now I'm filming the video for this trap I tried something new a lot of people want to know how I film my videos what equipment I use So I did a step by step basically vlog or how to film a mousetrap Monday video That video is coming out next week And you'll see everything from, its coming up with the idea purchasing the trap, filming every scene, the equipment I use so if you're interested in a behind the scenes look Stay tuned because next week.