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Android 11 features android 10 vs android 11 so finally google has launched

Hi everyone Android 11 features android 10 vs android 11 so finally google has launched android 11 which have many interesting features so in this article I will show you all features so first feature is about notifications in notification bar you have noticed that all notification come continuously but in android 11 all notification will be shown divided into 3 categories.
  1. conversation, 
  2. alert notification and silent notification conversation notification includes notification of Whatsapp, 
  3. messages and Gmail alert notification involve all other normal notification silent          notification involves notification of weather or google maps, 

of apps running in the background next feature is of power button long-press if you long-press power button so before you get 3 option of switch off, reboot and silent mode or screenshot but now along with then u will also get the shortcut of google play and more other cards u can also change all these cards in system settings lets move to next feature I personally like this feature. 

now you can also rotate home screen like this next feature is about 5 default apps u get in bottom part while on homecreen like phone, sms, camera etc in android 11 u have one option, if u enable this option so phone will automatically change apps on this 5 slots based on your activity which app u use more but i personally dont like this feature because i want apps which i want to use quickly wwhen needed and i used to muscle memory that which app is where so i can open it quickly but now system will continusly keep on changing most frequenlty used apps so i will not use it there is also option that if u dont want an app to come there so u can block it or u can pin app thatt u want there always lets move to next feature which is that if u pull down notification bar and pull up app drawer so wall paper will go bacckward this animation is added next feature is about new media control u have notice that there are many toggle button in notification bar on upper side like wifi and aeroplan mode etc so there u will also  get small media control toggle u can use it to quickly change video or song.

it is nice for those who listen to the song too much best feature comes now which is voice control before u use ok google means google assistant to call the person and open app this new feature is different from ok google u can enable it inaccessibility in settings so the phone will do and follow your instruction like open twitter - type this - post it so this is all feature of android 11 I hope u like it like this post and subscribe to blog see u in article bye-bye.